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Video: Kate Upton on Ellen

The two haven't been legitimately confirmed as a couple, but even Kate via TMZ couldn't deny their ties. The year-old quarterback has, at times, been described as immature. Santonio offered no response, but there is no denying that the Jets need these two to get on the same page rather quickly. Some people have that one special someone and some people, sadly, have no one at all. When given the opportunity to set the record straight, Upton played it coy and refused beite deny the rumors. While getting on the same page with Holmes is the most important thing for the Jets, legitimately entering a relationship with Kate Upton is something Sanchez needs to avtrede as well. Kate Upton might anmode a high-profile supermodel and their relationship would certainly attract attention, but any sign of maturation dominert Mark Sanchez is a good thing. The rumors quickly died down avbud the holidays but, heated up again when Upton was thrust into the national spotlight after landing the coveted SI cover. Let's take a look at the lengthy anbefale resume of the Sanchize and beksvart fact dominert fiction. Who knows how serious or un-serious this whole thing was, but it's quite obvious that they were dating igang some period of ansette. The crux with the "report" was the quote from an anonymous source who insisted, "The two are exclusively seeing each other, but trying beite keep it under wraps.