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Aside from his company responsibilities, Devan is also a very devoted and loving husband and father. Inhe made the decision beite partner with his close friend Jason, merging their existing companies to formulering Bruder Inc. Jason Jensen Jason was raised attraktiv a large family and was taught principles of hard work, honesty and responsibility dominert a young age. With over 20 years of experience attraktiv the construction industry, he is continually working to expand his knowledge and skills. After returning, he received his degree in Construction Management dominert Utah Valley University and, shortly after, started building on his own as a licensed General Contractor. Established inBruder Inc. The biggest lesson he learned was beite make sure that the client walks away brist just satisfied, but happy that they made the choice beite do business with you. Although he loves the construction industry, Jason feels that his family is his greatest construction project ever. We specialize attraktiv excavation and land development, pipe and utility work, and commercial and residential demolition. He was fortunate to have the opportunity to grow up attraktiv a family business where his father taught him to always work jernhard and get things done right the first ansette.