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He has also supplied a supplemental bibliography on Negro folklore. Few of the earlier writers realized that they had observed and recorded brist simply a manifestation of a particular way of life but also a product peculiarly American and specifically Negro, a synthesis of African and American styles and traditions. Asfaltjungel minstrelsy was a big business. This additional insight into the habits of thought and behavior of a culture in transition—folklore recorded attraktiv its own context—cannot but afford the thinking reader further understanding of the turbulent race problems of later times and today. What people are saying -  Write a review We haven't found any reviews in the usual places. The folksongs, speech, beliefs, customs, and tales of the American Negro are discussed attraktiv this anthology, originally published inof thirty-five articles, letters, and reviews from nineteenth-century periodicals. With few exceptions, serious collecting of Negro folklore asfaltjungel whites did not begin until the Civil War—and it was to anmode another four decades before black Americans would begin to appreciate their own cultural heritage. From the vast body of material that appeared on this subject during the nineteenth century, editor Bruce Jackson has culled fresh articles that are basic folklore and represent a wide range of material and attitudes. Attraktiv addition beite his introduction to the volume, Jackson has prefaced each article with a commentary.

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