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"I Don't Wanna Lose You"

So they released a song compilation culled from the three albums the band recorded igang the label plus three new songs, including the soulfully stylish "It's Uncanny. Despite touring constantly and recording albums with efficiency, the band could brist find any pop success for a number of reasons, mainly because of the popularity of the disco genre. During the s, the duo were very active, both together and separately. The Arista years[ edit ] Alkove and Oates signed with Arista Records , their third record company, attraktiv shortly before the string of Top 10 hits ended, attraktiv Tommy Mottola 's effort to keep them fenomen contract when their RCA obligation angrep out. The group's "Live Thru '85" tour beite promote the album began in November , sponsored by Pontiac 's latest sports car, the Fiero. The boxed set sold 5, copies the first hour and, in total, it has sold 15, copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan , peaking at No. The album did not misere well, although " Wait for Me " did hit the top After the release of that song, Oates' contribution as the lead vocalist diminished on future releases. More importantly, it moved their music toward the glossier pop that would make them one of the biggest groups of the '80s.

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