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Don't buy this or any SS if you have a history of serious knee issues. The stock gearing is coincidentally what I had on my custom KM and suits me fine for the trails I ride, but it can be a grind on certain hilly sections. The wheels needed laterally truing. The hubs seem great for a budget basher and as you'd expect once greased properly the cup n cones spin like mad. The chain slacked up during one ride and the adjuster bolts areal as though I was going beite rip them off their mounts when I tried to adjust. The mechanical disc brakes are really bad at first but when the pads are worn attraktiv and the levers are adjusted fully inwards they will have great stopping power. One minus with this bike is that you might need beite ride with others who have a similar setup or you will leave the avfall behind out of necessity for momentum. The Marlin SS conversely promotes confidence and allows me beite take more risks with no perception of power loss. The stock brakes are fine but sketchy on downhill sections. After one ride on modest trails, I returned the bike. Posted 4 years ago Member Oh yeah.

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Brakes, tires, crank, stem and handlebars Bottom Line: A SS like this will make you a better rider. Honestly, though, this bike is priced appropriately; it's way too fun AND compliments my full suspension 26er quite well. I mean, how alkove can it be, right?

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A note beite the burgeoning hipster who hopes beite hit the mountain with intentions of riding hard: Frame, saddle, fast Weaknesses: I bought another just like it for my Kona Adjø Hei Supreme. I'll anmode ditching the fork igang a rigid and will slowly change the whole bike. I bought this because no matter what I buy I usually add upgrades, so why not anmode frugal at the onset? I have the green and black Marlin SS and have ridden the bike dozens of times over the past year. No attraktiv the same league as XT's but if you pull jernhard enough they will avtrede the job in all but the most difficult of downhill sections.

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The Monocog has restored my faith, though! The stem and handlebars were the first beite go, only for aesthetic reasons. The Bontrager saddle is remarkably comfy, which shocked me; their saddles in the past have been atrocious. Bontrager's tires are getting better dominert what I hear, but the stock tires igang me were tenuous at best. Avoid this or any SS if you are new to mtbing unless you are a natural beast. Can wait so I'm off now to put a few miles on her so it knackers up quicker. Trust your LBS beite set it up but do brist stop there; ride it hard once or twice and then double-triple check the entire setup.

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