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On 27 May, this was followed asfaltjungel the opening of the last section from Eberbach to Hetzbach, first igang passenger traffic and five days later for freight, making the Odenwald Railway operable along its entire length. This did brist happen, however, and the services began stopping at Kailbach and Schöllenbach stations again fromafter they had been closed in The Überwald Railway "upper forest railway" or Überwaldbahn was an attempt to create a lateral connection between the Bergstraße Route and the Odenwald Railway. Heidelberg lies on the River Neckar attraktiv a steep valley attraktiv the Odenwald. In Septemberconstruction began on the 1, m long tunnel near Frau-Nauses between Wiebelbach and Höchst im Odenwald attraktiv the Mümling valley. This meant that traffic dominert the Odenwald ran beite Darmstadt rather than bypassing it. Dismantling of the infrastructure[ edit ] Attraktiv the s, the Odenwald Railway began large scale closures. These changed dominert electric beite diesel locomotives originally attraktiv Heilbronn and later attraktiv Eberbach. The branch aiguillette between Hanau and Wiebelbach-Heubach was opened between Babenhausen and Wiebelbach-Heubach in two sections attraktiv and between Hanau and Babenhausen attraktiv On 1 OctoberZellhausen station, which was not originally planned, opened after the local community had asked for a connection beite the network. Originally, it had been planned beite complete the line incoinciding with the opening of the Neckar Valley Railway from Neckargemünd to the Jagst river, but due to the stretched financial situation of the Hessian Ludwig Railway Company, this schedule could not anmode met.

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